Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hi guys,
it's been a while for me not poked your back, I have much things to do and its pretty eat my time. Besides, I found out my self crazy to my new hobby,.. photography.. :)

Like a baby with his new toy, nothing much difference with me. I take my camera with me everywhere. Yes, its fun when You could captured some pictures where not everyone can realize if the moments could be historycal.

Stunning,.. when someone caught smiling, laughing, flirting or even crying in the match composition and frame. Thats why I called my self daily events describer. As my job require moving from one place to another increasing the likelihood to find out more landscape.

Oh, I have to go,.. i thought there a good moment need to be captured.. :D
I'll post my pictures later...

see ya' pals..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Denada, A True Entertainer

Raise Your hand for who doesn't know who is she..

Yes, she's Denda Tambunan, known as a rapper in 90's. A long road after she has diverted as dangdut singer, and got a nickname as Miss Dombret because of song which has been popularized entitled Goyang Dombret.

Actually she deserved the predicate as all around singer, comedian, multi talented artist or even more fully dedicated entertainer. She would do anything to enliven and melt a relaxed the atmosphere. Most her clients were a big company which had released new product to marketplace, or just do a gathering.

Not much indonesian entertainer can match her achievement, and she deserve to be the example for impromptu artists..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunset at Losari beach

Last time i visited makassar for a tens of times. But the differences beetween my last visit and previous is, I got a sunset photoshot at Losari beach!!
The incident was half accidentally. At that moment I stayed at the hotel which it has a backyard that jutted into the sea. and the biggest advantage was, the beach facing to the sunset. no difficulty to chase best angle and lost the light..

Beside the rumors and stories of the spooky hotel I was stayed, It has a beautiful landscape and view that made me feel at home linger, sit, cigaring at the pavilion.

The next morning day I did the same thing and try to enjoying the silent wave movement, watching traditional sailor fishing and netting, saw the transportation beetween mainland and island around (there are 2 big island, Kayangan and Samalona) during enjoying my breakfast with some foreign tourists that did the same photoshot as me.

Sometime I have to visit Samalona and dive down to see their beautiful underwater beauty..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Putra Djohan, Young Inspirational Photographer

As a young photographer, career and experiences of Putra Djohan or familiar summoned Djo, highly significant.His cutting edge and creative scene idea always magnify the whole concept itself.

specialized in a human photography, he can present a picture story in a single frame, but absolutely with a myriad stories that represented in it. Amazing..

He is now believed to be the photographer of several famous artists in indonesia, such as Titi DJ, Ungu band, Agnes Monica, ST 12 band, Rossa, Winnie (malaysia), theRain Band, Naff band, etc.

Billy Sheehan

One of his achievement is when he appointed as representative photographer for Billy Sheehan (bass player of famous band Mr.Big) and published in the Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine. And I do love what he was done.. it was a great shot, in the photo I can catch how do he (Billy) loves his bass, and treat his gear as if his lover..

Check out his official website and enjoy the viewbook..

5 Bidadari

5 in a row! grow with a polemic as a copycat, 5 Bidadari slowly appear to the musical scene in Indonesia. Gossip started at some another fanbase of vocal-dance group South Korea origin named Wonder Girl blasphemy on them.

Wonder Girl has previously launched their single hits entitled 'Nobody But You' with almost like concept, coreographed dance while singing.

5 Bidadari Wulan (Palembang), Devi (Cirebon), Dinda (Sibolga), Givry (Sibolga), and Iva (Subang) are graduated of national TV singing contest in indonesia known widely as KDI. They achievement are big six.

As a winner of singing contest no need to doubt the ability of their voice. They also have an interesting coreography, and the most important thing is they can achieve these in under 20 of age. that's hilarious..

A point of all, each person from region that in fact not a big city. Basicly They trully hone their ability by their own, with a minimum reference of vocal technique. I thought this is the basic difference with their 'competitor'. I'm sure these girls will be a new divas in Indonesia..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

About how to Share Your Happiness

His name is Desta, ex drummer of band who bring 80's music called "Clubeighties". But generally he known as a comedian in the major TV station and stages in Indonesia. He always delivered a fresh and businesslike humour.
Currently he establishing a new rock and roll band named THE CASH with his 2 comedian friends Tora Sudiro and Vincent.

Essence one of life is about "How to share your happiness to everyone around you"..